Concept development

We think along with you

Thinking along with the customer, that’s what we’re good at

Sometimes our customers have an idea, but they do not yet know how/if it can be realized. In such a case, we would be happy to discuss this with them to find a suitable solution. We take into account budget, deadlines and the purpose of the design.


Customized advice

We translate an idea into an implementation. How do we do this? First of all, we make an inventory of your wishes. What do you want to achieve with the design and what may the project cost? We then propose different types of materials that suit the assignment. We also discuss what finishing and construction is needed to bring your idea to life.

When to get tailor-made advice?

Are you looking for a special version of, for example, a set piece? Then tailor-made advice can be a solution. Our team thinks along about the format, the application, but also about solving any challenges surrounding transport. For example, we have devised a puzzle shape to transport decor letters in a car. From sketch to preparation and implementation.

Creative concept for PostNL

Another example of concept development by Design Squad is the development of a promotional gift for PostNL. The customer had an idea for a promotional gift with the theme ‘mail’ and a sheet of stamps. For this we have devised a concept in which acrylic plates were milled in the shape of a stamp between which a sheet of stamps is clamped. The gift comes with a personalized name tag.


Concept development with Design Squad

Together we make your idea come true. Knowing more? Contact us.