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Our team consists of versatile sign specialists. They use their expertise to help our customers visualize their ideas and messages. There are many different solutions for visual communication. Below you will find a selection of the solutions we can offer.


LED screens and narrowcasting





LED screens and narrowcasting

LED screens for vivid visual communication

The use of one or more LED screens in combination with a dynamic design creates a striking message. Use digital signage, also known as narrowcasting, to better apply your message to the location and the target group. With the push of a button you decide what the viewer sees. You can respond immediately to current events.
Design Squad supplies screens and displays in various sizes and price ranges. From simple LED screens to large, standing displays. These are, for example, suitable for promotion in shop windows or even on the facade. Are you looking for even more interaction with the target group? We can also help you with touchscreen interaction.


Show your design with frames

Acoustic wall panels for a pleasant working environment

Good acoustics make it pleasant to work or meet in a room. When a room does not have good acoustics, concentrating and (online) meetings become annoying. Fortunately, acoustic wall panels can be functional and beautiful. They can be printed with a print of your choice. Behind this print hangs the layer of acoustic material that absorbs the sound.

Pop-up LED box

Are you looking for a portable solution? We also supply the Dsign pop-up LED box. This is a portable system with a pop-up frame and Philips LED lighting. Ideal for retail, public spaces and on the exhibition floor. It is an excellent alternative to the roll-up banner, exhibition wall and mobile display.

With the Motion Dsgin LED Frame you can give every room its own atmosphere and emotion. The innovative LED technology in combination with a tendon frame provides fantastic visual solutions. The LED Frame consists of a cloth with lighting behind it. You can program these LEDs as desired. This way you can display a dynamic projection on the screen that is guaranteed to attract attention.


A pop-up pavilion from Signus

Signus gives brands the opportunity to make their branding visible with an eye-catching design. You can use the Signus pavilion to promote a new product, a campaign or a corporate event. The pavilion is flexible, lightweight and can be set up within 10 minutes. Would you like to try it out first? It is also possible to rent a pop-up pavilion.


The Signus pop-up pavilion can be used flexibly. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as an eye-catcher for your brand. Increase your visibility at an event, fair or market. Whether it takes place on the beach or on the street. The Signus pavilion is the eye-catcher to improve your visibility.


The original design of a Signus pavilion has a printable surface of 37m2. The possibilities of printing are endless. But also easy to replace. This means your pop-up tent can be used more often for different purposes. Looking for more space? You can connect multiple pavilions with each other using the zipper solution. You can also use this to close the tent.


A lightweight solution for a tough task. Increasing the visibility of your brand is an important part of the activities you undertake. The solution you choose must contribute to the image of your company. The Signus pop-up pavilions are lightweight and compact. This makes them easy to move. The high-quality materials provide a professional appearance. Wherever you stand.


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